Katsuyoshi Matsushita (松下 勝義) 's Website

Welcome to my website!
I am a specially appointed assistant professer in the theoretical biology laboratory (Prof. Fujimoto) in Biological Science Depertment in Osaka University.
I am also a residence researher of Large-Scale Computational Science Div. (Prof. Kikuchi) in Osaka Univ.
My research informations are listed below or in ResearcherID & Osaka University Researcher DB.

curriculum vitae

curriculum vitae

research and education

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Contact Address

When you contact me, please change "(a t)" in the e-mail address to @.

  • Address:
    Katsuyoshi Matsushita (松下勝義)
    Large-Scale Computational Science Division
    Cybermedia Center, OSAKA University
    e-mail: kmatsu(a t)cp.cmc.osaka-u.ac.jp
    tel. : +81-6-6850-6843

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